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After having torn my hair out trying to get a smooth site transfers from a testing server to a live server, I've finally given up and just decided to write down the steps as they go and are completed correctly.  Some things to take note of are that I use cPanel for a live server, and MAMP on a Mac for my testing server.  Also I use CyberDuck or Filezilla for FTP (which ever decides to work better at the time).  These steps may still help you if you use different programs, but just be ware that things could also be quite different.

CMS Menu

Content Management Systems

Content management systems (CMS) are the way of the future.  Generally speaking, CMS refers to a tool that allows one or many users to update, modify and delete stored information and data.  In the wild world of the web, CMS is used to create a websites in which certain users are granted access to the “backend” of the site.  This means that users are provided an interface that allows them to interact with the website in order to change their site’s content without having any programming experience. 

Darkside of the web

As you explore the dark side of the web, you will find that most websites use some scripting other than HTML and CSS for an added boost.   Almost anytime a website asks for your interaction, you know that the site has been built with more than just HTML.  For example when you’re browsing the artwork gallery at JineenGriffith.com, you are seeing the results of some Javascript.  When you write a blog in your new CMS site you are seeing the results of PHP.  I’m not going to get into the technical

All websites are made up of at least some HTML code.  Think of it as the foundation for just about every web page out there.  Have you ever looked at the source of any webpages that you’ve used?  In Firefox use Command + U and you’ll see all the HTML code that was used to build this webpage that you are looking at. 


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